Andrew PellWe are all Members of Godís Divine Family
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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We are all Members of Godís Divine Family
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

This is a call and Invitation from God to all mankind.
With Christís Death on the Cross, the forgiveness was signed.
How blessed are we now to be part of Godís Heavenly Family.
The Contract was signed and sealed on the hill at Calvary.
For all eternity this Contract will remain valid and in place.
With this Contract signed we are inheritors of Godís divine grace.
One day we will be able to see God Face to Face.
Godís Divine signature sealed the Contract.
A contract that no one could ever take legal action or retract,
The Bible is an Extract of Godís Divine Love.
The Angels and the Heavenly Throng witnessed the signing from above.
A Clause in the Contract was that Mankind will never walk in darkness again.
There is no need for a Middleman.
The Contract will only be void if Mankind turns away from God.
Even the Fabled Camelot cannot even come close to Godís heavenly Kingdom.
When we became a Christian God supplied us with Divine wisdom.
We have turned away from Sin and now we walk in the Light.
Turning to God is our Fatherís delight.

(c) Andrew Pell 10/04/2020

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