Went To The Desert
Poetry by Peter Menkin

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Went To The Desert
Poetry by Peter Menkin

Moses meets God in the inner Desert
and leads those in slavery outside.
There are two deserts:
The invitation, the inside us that is the other/
Merton calls this the great self within
that is the God within us.
(The ineffable now of truth.)

Entailing the creator,
we are in failure invited
into another truth,
the abandonment into the word.

For the Oblate (for me), getting up early,
God very seldom comes as a gentle invitation.
It comes as an assault on our invitation.

The Gospel only makes sense to the poor,
(the weakness of the poverty of our humanity.)
We are all struggling with the ideal of our body,
of a woman and of a man.

The Little Book notates poverty of spirit--
a Little Book:
New look at spirituality,
new look at being human,
new look at who God is.
The Little Book notates entering into
the dying and stripping--
stripped with everything
and just being left with the now.

A cup of wine becomes sacred.
A desert allows us to find a meaning
(a place) in the sacred.
Cup of wine
a desert allows burning bush yes.
This flow is within us and other people.
There is surrender here.

There is surrender there.
Without doing and
not going against the nature of things
we have to go where
we are fed by Christ.

God takes Moses into the heart of God.

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