Andrew PellWere Not Our Hearts Set On Fire?
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Were Not Our Hearts Set On Fire?
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Luke 24:32)
Two men walking on a long lonely road,
Their mood was dark and cold.
Pondering and reliving the events of the past week,
Their emotions were solemn and bleak.
A stranger joined them midway.
He sensed their despair and felt their loss.
They knew not that this was the man nailed to the cross.
He spoke with crystal clarity of past events.
In their hearts the events made no sense.
The stranger spoke of God and his eternal plan.
He spoke of a love and peace that made no demands.
Emotions stirred and their hearts awakened.
They stopped for a meal at a nearby inn.
This stranger’s voice had a familiar ring.
Suddenly they were awakened to the stranger.
This was the man foretold by prophets born in a manger.
Their hearts burned with cognitive delight.
The days of mourning were now days of light.
As quickly he appeared, he now vanished.
For eternity death was vanquished.
The travelers marveled and said, “Were not our heats on fire”.
Life for them was no longer dire.

© Andrew Pell 07/07/12

Were not our hearts on fire?
Landscape of Christ and his disciples in the road to Emmaus by Jan Wildens – 17th Century

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