Andrew PellWhat is Reality?
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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What is Reality?
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What is our reality, wealth, fame or divine peace?
Do not look forward to the day when anxiety will ultimately cease?
Yet we create our own internal reality.
Hurriedly we go forth and yet we cannot see.
We do not embrace a reality of perfection.
We create a reality of imperfection.
God does not even get a mention.
Why do we not walk in light, a gift Christ has given us?
The path is well lit; we can walk that path without any fuss.
The path is straight and the flowers wave us on.
Cheerfully we walk with the invisible throng.
We can create the reality of perfection and peace.
Our desire to love and serve will only increase.
God is the key and portal to the only reality.
This key is freely given to you and me.
This key will set us free.
The key will open shutters, and windows so we can see.
Take a stranger by the hand today.
Give him the key and divine invitation to join the relay.

Andrew Pell 14/02/09

What is Reality?

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