Andrew PellWhen troubles over takes us in Life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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When troubles over takes us in Life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

When troubles or heartaches overtakes us in life take a step backwards,
Step outside of the hurt and the anxiety that prevents you from focusing and moving forward.
This initially may be hard to do but try to step away from the negative emotions that hold you back.
Visualize you are in a lush forest full all sorts of flowers and a Waterfall flowing freely.
Suddenly you will feel overwhelmed by such peace and love from the surroundings around you.
Time has ceased and you are experiencing an eternity of Time in a brief microsecond of time.
Take a deep breath, slowly inhaling and exhaling, you do not need to worry about anything.
Every breath that you breathe out, visualize all your hurts and anxieties leaving you with each breath that you exhale.
Feel the Divine peace that surrounds you in this magical moment of time.
Time has now stopped and you are now experiencing an eternity of time in this one brief moment.
Take a deep breath and slowly inhale and exhale,
With every breath you take your mind becomes clearer.
Your mind and body feels total love and peace.
You are now one with all life and nature that surrounds you.
When you are ready to leave this paradise that you have created.
Take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes,
You have experienced your inner paradise.
The Divine will always be with you and walk with you.
You are never alone and you now hold the Keys of Love, peace and happiness.
Enjoy your day and say a prayer of thanks to God and Godís invisible angelic realm.

© Andrew Pell 01/03/2021


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