Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Are we living upon borrowed time?
As our world is now filling with crime.
Itís a question that, I now must of you ask.
Is cleansing our world in deed to be our task?
If in deed it is our task what should we do?
For many have forgotten your ways it is true.
Your ways of life for us as you have spoken.
Of your commandments many have been broken.
The ten laws you gave to guide us down your path.
Many have forgotten them and deserve your wrath.
I pray for your forgiveness of this it is true.
As I know moving in your ways we aught to do.

Still I must admit even I do sin from time to time.
Yet my sins are not as those who commit crime.
They who rape, and kill, and from, others do steal.
Plus there are those who fail to believe you are real.
The number of such sinners in our world does grow.
For this your power someday I know you will show.

Just when that day; is going to be.
Iíll have to wait and then Iíll see.
Iíll see upon that day where I do stand.
With you or destroyed by your mighty hand.
Until then Iíll live life day to day.
Praying you guide me back whenever I stray.

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