when Me was made
Poetry by Tammy C. Smith
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when Me was made
Poetry by Tammy C. Smith

I wish I could go back in time
to my childhood where I’d find
lightning bugs and honeysuckle, summer rain storm roll and rumble
rosebush climbs an old oak tree
within a tire fragrance sweet
large mosquitoes you could ride, a master chef with mud pies
every night the sandman came
Mama calling out my name
my long hair in piggy tails, running out to get the mail
birthday candles on your cake
hoping too cheerleader make
homeless puppies; kittens too, a pet ground hog named Jerri Lou
going swimming at the Y
Marco Polo, Mother may I
Santa Claus! Oh, I believed! wide awake on Christmas Eve
as you read these words of mine
does your heart go back in time

taking lessons: twirl and dance, to the prom will I be asked
Thanksgiving with yellow leaves
how springtime woke up the trees
riding on that old school bus, write your name on window dust
finally finding your first love
to this day you still think of
learning how to drive a car, finding out just who you are
bed time prayers down on my knees
taught to say: Sir, Ma’am and please
Ms. Beasley doll I still adore, playing Jacks down on the floor
bad hair days were BIG trouble
chicken pox, mumps and measles
yes, I was a Daddy’s girl, to this day I’m still his world
do these words stir memories
your childhood do you now see
large lined tablets in first grade, cards for Mama - all handmade
six years old: DUMPED!  when I lost
my two front teeth, he took off!!
learning that I love to read, clean my room: that dreaded deed
clothes for first day back to school
book bag: pencils, Elmer’s glue
Santa Claus was watching me, how much I loved my Granny
wishing I could grow up fast
now wishing I could go back!
So very blessed this child was: I knew that I was always loved
The greatest gift a child receives
Is in their own self to believe
My memories will never fade: those are the times when ME was made
I wish I could go back in time
Do you think that when I die
Again my childhood I will find
But fore the grace of God go I

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