Andrew PellWhen Your World was Young
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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When Your World was Young
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Do you remember your childhood days when your world was young?
In your heart many beautiful songs were sung.
The Days were long and full of sunshine.
There were lots of happiness and memories etched in time.
Now our days are caught up in corporatisation and business of life.
Which often causes a lot of stress and awkward strife.
If only we could go back to those magical days.
The days were ours and we had many games to play.
It is all about attitude and connecting to our inner child.
Then we can run free and run wild.
Do not worry about commercialism, it generally takes care of it self
Visualize playing in the garden and Christmas with Santa and the elves.
Life doesn't have to be a burden anymore.
There are a lot more fun days and good times that you simply cannot ignore.
Enjoy life; enjoy every tomorrow.
Connect to the Inner child. Your days will be filled without sorrow.

Andrew Pell 22/11/07

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