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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Where is God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Where is God

Does God reside far into the heavens above?
Or can God be found in a simple act of kindness and love.
Will you seek him in the deepest earth cavern?
Or will he guide you through the darkness with a bright lantern.
Do you look for him in a Synagogue? Or do we find God in a Cathedral Church.
You ask the question “Where do I search”
Open your heart and open your eyes.
I promise you there will be no lies.
God is and has always been walking hand in hand with you.
Accept and embrace these words for they are very true.
God is not far away in some distant Galaxy.
It is time for you to grow up and see.
The Living God is right here and now.
Accept him as your Lord and Saviour, humble yourself and bow.
You need to look no further today.
Be quiet; pray unceasingly; Listen to what God has to say.

© Andrew Pell 30/04/07

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