deaton_marla-180Where Your Soul Resides
Poetry by Marla Deaton
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Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.

Where Your Soul Resides
Poetry by Marla Deaton

If you sell your soul Can you ever get it back? Have you ever felt something Slipping slowly from your grasp?

When that something lost is so vast, Can you just go on? When you're in the fight of your life And lose, can you forgive yourself?

When life's parade passes you by Do you bother to wave? Can you keep asking the questions With answers to hard to face?

Can you ever find peace with yourself When you're the one you can't face?

Will you rest in the comfort of your sorrows Until your days are all tomorrows? Or can you look deep where your soul resides And find something worth facing inside?

Copyright 2009 Marla Deaton

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