Andrew PellWhy do you Murder My Children
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Why do you Murder My Children
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Dedicated to all the suffering animals)
(Godís Conversation with Man)
All the animals I created are mine.
Yet you wantonly kill them for no reason or rhyme.
You murder my children simply for greed and vanity.
My heart is heavy; it is simply insanity.
The animals each of them are my angels in disguise.
This is known only by the very wise.
The animals bring peace to a tired and broken heart.
In my eyes they are more valuable than a priceless work of art.
Their suffering and cries ascend to my very throne.
Your barbaric practices I will not condone.
All the animals are your brothers and sisters as well.
They are not useless commodities that you buy and sell
Love them as I love and forgive you this very hour.
The animals instinctively know my purpose and power.

© Andrew Pell 24/10/07

Why do you Murder My Children

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