WILL ANYONE CRY?M. Linda Steffey
Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

Will anyone cry
When I die
As I fly through blue sky
With my kind?
Just living my life
With my mated wife
And my bird friends
Flying behind...
Not disturbing a soul
And so I am told
That men will shoot me
For "sport"!
And the kind that they are
Are meaner by far
And we don't need their

Bullets like steel
Of which you can feel
Them tear and rip through
Your Soul...
Breaking bone
Inside you groan
Falling to Earth...
Dead cold!!"....

" Will anyone cry
When I die
When cut all apart
While still living?
I was born for my meat
For Human's to eat
Animal's lives always
We live in fear
With death always near
And quality of Life taken
Fed unhealthy food
Treated cruelly and crude
Some never see light of

Oh! What "beast" is Man?
And for what does he stand?
He...born of compassion and
Goes to church to pray
And God hears him say..
"Forgive my Sins
From above!...

Will anyone cry
When I die?
My God! Have mercy
On me!..
I am your child
So meek and mild
For surely you can see!"

But Man never gave Love
Like God's Love above
To those who share his
Dear Earth!
So I ask God from my
"Should Man have a new start?
Does Mankind have any
You can't shoot him for "sport"
Like you do my sort
And you surely can't eat him
For meat...
He isn't too kind
To his own kind
I don't think his mind is

He likes killing for "fun"
And uses his gun
And slaughters all that he
Even his own
He'll reap what he's
Just what is this "thing"...
Called MAN??!!"

(c) M. Linda Steffey 2009

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