Belinda van Rensburg Will We Ever Learn?
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Will We Ever Learn?

A cry of pain; a heart so vain;
a battlefield strewn with the slain.
A silent scream and a broken dream;
children playing in a dirty stream.
A tortured soul; a fiendish ghoul -
the stench of death obscene and foul.

Will we never, ever learn
not to destroy, kill, maim and burn?
Why do we do just as we please,
and when will all the fighting cease?
Must earth be drenched in blood and tears,
while we try to conquer our demons and fears?

Oh, come on now - let's face a fact:
this is not how we should act.
The wages of our sins are great,
but praise be to God it's not too late
to turn to Him; to change our ways -
and to do just what the Bible says.

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