Andrew PellWorship Should Create Transcendence
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Worship Should Create Transcendence
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Andrew Pell poetry worship

Where do you go to Church?
More importantly, where does the Church take you?
Worship needs to be transcendent and incandescent.
Not utterance and babble that is incoherent.
Good liturgical practice and good music can create the transcendence.
Igniting the spirit within is creating the transcendentalism.
Poor liturgical practice only creates a schism based on the term modernism.
Good liturgical practice is like a river ever flowing.
Moving forward continuously creating.
St.Paul was versed and strict on structure.
Liturgical practices can activate a spiritual rapture.
Momentary identification of a Divine presence,
Illuminating our life and soul in a luminous incandescence.
The Catholic structure has stood the test for centuries of time.
The music and symmetry is always sublime.
Poetry and music is God given skills.
We use them at the Fatherís will.
The question is not where you go to Church.
But where the Church takes you.

© Andrew Pell 16/06/2013

Andrew Pell poetry worship

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