PoetryI Love You Zoe
By Guila Manchester
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I Love You Zoe
By Guila Manchester

Dear Zoe,

My days of wandering are done;
My days of love have just begun.
No longer do I shake with fear,
For my new family holds me dear.

With sister dogs I'd like to play,
But she just turns and walks away.
Well, anyhow, I eat her food
Along with mine; it sure tastes good.

A fenced-in yard in which to run
Where I can get the air and sun.
At night I sleep in "Mommie's" bed;
Upon her arm I lay my head.

I'm nice and clean and, if you please,
They washed away those awful fleas.
My tail with happiness I wag;
I even have a license tag.

And all these dreams now coming true,
I wouldn't have except for you.
So I just had to let you know
How very much I love you, Zoe.

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