Lamb of GodA Prayer and Benediction of Life and Love By Michael Klaper, MD
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A Prayer and Benediction of Life and Love
By Michael Klaper, MD

Mother, Father, All that is, Source of Life and Love,

Thank You for Your miracles - for this planet, for this Life, for our next breath.

Thank You for truth, for beauty, for innocence - and for the animals.

Thank You for their being here with us - in the forest, in the field, in the sea, in the sky, in our yards, and in our homes.

Thank You for their presence on this planet. If not for them, we would be here alone - and how sterile and sad our lives on this Earth would be.

Thank You for the truth of the animals, for their profound beauty, for their innocence, for their love - and for their witness.

We ask Your forgiveness - and that of all non-human animals to whom we have caused harm through our actions - either directly through anger or thoughtlessness, or indirectly through our purchases and consumption.

Help us to see Your Light and Being and Holiness in all of Life - including those of the kingdom who came before Homo sapiens, who have survived his destructive ways, and with whom we share this planet today.

Help us to see that the Light in their eyes is Your Light.

Help us to see that their Love and Trust of us is Your Love and Trust of us.

Help us to not betray that trust.

Help us to recognize our sincere fellowship with all who live.

Help us hear the message of the animals - to understand their example of how to be fully in this life without guile or cruelty, and how to honor Life's flow and magic by acknowledging all other beings.

Help us to honor You as the animals honor You - to be true to our nature as they are to theirs, and to let the nature that we manifest be that of love, humility and honor for the nature of the order of things, as the others of the animal kingdom inherently know in their beings.

Help us to stop doing harm - to the animals, to the earth, and to each other.

Let gentleness and compassion for all living beings permeate our thoughts and words and actions.

Help us to love You through loving your creation and your creatures - and to remember who we are.

Mother, Father, All that is, thank you for your miracles.


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