Lamb of GodFather, thank you for your son
Prayers of Compassion from


Laticia McDonald
Member of Shepherding All God's Creatures Prayer Group

Father, thank you for your son

Father, thank you for your son and for your grace. I just want to pray for shelter animals all over the world, but even more father, I want to pray for the people that operate and work in these shelters. I pray that their hearts would be softened and filled with merciful compassion that would blanket them. I pray that there would be no question about what the right thing is to do for these precious animals. I pray that you would open the eyes of the hearts of all shelter workers and that your peaceful mercy would overflow into all animal caretakers lives. Lord, I know that there is nothing that you canít change in the world. Father, help us to change our attitudes, hearts, and behaviors towards all animals. I pray that we would see how they count on us to be their voices and protectors and see the helplessness of your precious creatures and help them. Father, you gave them to us to love and care for and it is a sad testament of the evil within us when we mistreat and abuse them against your will. Father, please help us to find adopters, fosters, volunteers and supporters to prevent the mass euthanasia that befalls your precious creatures everyday. Father, I pray these things in your sons holy and most precious name. Amen.

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