Lamb of GodInvocation for the Memorial Service for Animals
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Invocation for the Memorial Service for Animals
By Lois Phemister

O God of Love, come.
Move among us.

We call you by many different names
each from our different traditions,
But we recognize in common
the deep need for love in this world.

We come together to remember the animals
that have died during this year.
Some we knew and lived with and mourn them by name:

These animals we mourn in sorrow and joy and longing.

Some animals we remember as the vast numbers
that suffered a harsh and unfair life and death:
These we remember with pain and shame.

Some we knew only through the look of an eye in a picture
or through the telling of their particular story:

These we remember with gratitude
that they touched our hearts
and with sorrow that we could not reach back and touch them
with the gentleness they so deserved.

Hear our hearts, O God, as we bring the animals into them.

Let our hearts sing a song
joining the great choir of whales,
wolves, birds, crickets, frogs....

Let our song together with the animals be a march
to get us working for all creation.

Let our song together with the animals be a waltz
that we may dance in joy, all creatures together.

Let our song together with the animals be a lullaby
that we may be at peace - all creation.

Move among us, O God of Love.

Give us the song to last a lifetime.

Give us the song
for the sake of the animals to come.

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