Prayer for Animals and Animal Activists
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FROM TS Nicholson, Silent Communion, The Beloved Institute
January 2019

We must make sure that we are not participating in such abominable sin. And, Father, forgive us if we have. We will stop from this point on.

Loving Creator God,

Today we lift up all of your beloved creatures who we have turned into slaves and treat in the worst possible ways. We lift up all the “factory-farmed-animals” whom are tormented and tortured from birth to murder while the marketers make it look as if the animals are happy and enjoying themselves. How deceived in the world’s darkness we have become. How easily we have been fooled.

You allow each creature’s heart to begin to beat at their birth. It’s happening each day ... a beautiful new life. And you instruct us to have dominion over the creatures … which means loving-kindness, compassion, and mercy, but we have corrupted your instruction, forgotten the truth, and turned our actions into domination not dominion.

We confine them and then often let them live standing in their own waste, imprison them all in tiny areas, and depending on the species either imprison them in stark isolation without room to even turn around or pack them to tightly together until they trample and fight one another. We don’t care when the deprivation drives them insane. We cut off body pieces (tails, genitals, beaks, etc.) without any pain relief. We tear their feathers out and pull their fur out without pain relief. We make them consume cheap food that fattens them extra fast to the point where it cripples them. We provide them with no dignity or respect and treat them as objects instead of your beloved creatures.

Creator God … you designed a wonderful environments for each variety of creature you made, but we deny them of such environments and all of the experiences that you created for them to enjoy on earth. And in the natural, they live the length of life you created them to enjoy (years), but we fatten them up and kill them when they are just fattened up babies (weeks or months). Our actions are deplorable. What have we allowed ourselves to become?

It all becomes even more despicable when we realize that it is common practice today for us to masturbate several species to “collect” their sperm and then forcible impregnate the female of the species with tubes and gloved hands. Creator, this is our lust for the taste of their flesh and we are partaking in bestiality … something that we are not supposed to participate. Where we are today in this cycle of abuse stems from our ignorance and buy-in to the world’s lies. It is time we wake up. Our decisions concerning what we buy perpetuate this when we buy flesh created by masturbation.

And then, after we have inflicted a life-long cycle of torture to them, we murder them and call it “slaughter”. We use bullets. We use electrocution. We use throat slitting. We use stunning. We have many methods of murder. They suffer in wait of “their turn” watching or hearing those ahead cry out or suffer and then he or she suffers through the process as well. Those not fortunate enough to die from the bullet or electrocution or cutting or stunning will experience themselves cut open alive or boiled alive and other horrible scenarios of dissection while still completely alive.

We do nothing in dominion anymore, Creator God. It is all done in domination. We claim no time to care … yet what are we rushing to? Hell most likely.

And then there are those of us who have stopped buying animal flesh and products to stand up for loving-kindness, compassion, and mercy. We stand up for the dominion that you called us to. Yet the world has corrupted so many Christians to laugh at this, make fun of this, belittle our choices, or disregard the situation for their own lives. They have fallen into the darkness along with others in the world persuaded that “everything is fine” from the world’s lies.

Creator God, we lift up every human heart and mind today and in the coming days, including our own, and ask that we all examine our actions, apathy, ignorance, sloth, excuses, and hearts going forward concerning the corruption of your instruction of dominion. We must make sure that we are not participating in such abominable sin. And, Father, forgive us if we have. We will stop from this point on.


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