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Sansa Apples

Sansa Apples
(Apples, Sansa) Sansa apples are a very delicious, sweet-tart early apple, and as with most early apples they should be eaten right after harvest and refrigerated to preserve their freshness. Their taste is similar to that of a Gala apple. Sansa apples originated in 1969 when a Japanese researcher, Dr. Yoshio Yoshida, sent pollen from the Akane variety to his colleague in New Zealand, Dr. Don McKenzie, and asked him to use it to cross-pollinate Gala blossoms, which were not grown in Japan, and Akane were not grown in New Zealand. The seeds that resulted from the cross were returned to Japan, where the young trees were grown until they produced fruit, but it wasn't until 1988 when they were first marketed. Now they are grown in the United States. We purchased these apples from a farm store in Columbia County, New York in 2015. We could not find any specific nutritional information for sansa apples.

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