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Ingredients Descriptions and Photos
Pasta, Angel Hair or Spaghettini, Whole Wheat

Pasta, Angel Hair or Spaghettini, Whole Wheat
(Pasta, Angel Hair or Spaghettini, Whole Wheat) Angel hair or spaghettini is a thin form of spaghetti. Since this form of pasta has more surface area it holds more sauce, which in our opinion makes each mouthful more flavorful. We always purchase 100% whole wheat or other whole grain pasta. Most major supermarkets, and all health food stores sell 100% whole wheat pasta in various shapes and sizes to suit any desired recipe. It is always best to read the labels to make sure that what you are buying is 100% whole grain. The one in this photo contains only 100% certified organic whole durum wheat and water, with no other ingredients. See the nutritional chart below.

Spaghettini, whole-wheat, cooked

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