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Ingredients Descriptions and Photos
Pears, Forelle

Pears, Forelle
(Pears, Forelle) Some of the literature we have seen about Forelle Pears (pronounced for-EL, however in German it is pronounced for-el-e) says that they are one of the smallest varieties of pears, a little larger than Seckel pears, but the ones that we bought seem to be larger. Their symmetrical body, often bell-shaped, begins with a small round base that tapers evenly to a short neck. Their stem is usually long, straight, and narrow. A unique characteristic are the red lenticles, or freckles, that set this variety apart. Their flesh is moist, crisp, and delicious. They become available from September through January. They were developed in Saxony Germany in the 1600's, where they were named Forelle, because they looked like the coloring on a rainbow trout. German immigrants brought them to the United States in the 1800's, where they where they began to be grown commercially in Washington and Oregon.

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