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Ingredients Descriptions and Photos
Peas, Yellow Split

Peas, Yellow Split

Yellow Split Peas
(Peas, Yellow Split)  Yellow split peas are not commonly found in the United States, but they are quite popular in Northern Europe and other parts of the world.  Some larger supermarkets carry yellow split peas in the ethnic food section, where they are usually sold in 1-pound plastic bags.  They are almost always found in health food stores, where they are sold unpackaged in bulk bins.  Both green and yellow split peas, have an advantage over dried beans: they are as nutritious as beans, but they do not need to be soaked before they're cooked, that is, unless they have been stored for a long time.  For this reason, it is best to buy yellow split peas from a store that has a high turnover of their stock. The photo to the left shows the actual size of the yellow split peas.  We could not find specific detailed nutritional information for yellow split peas.

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