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Sprayer, Pump
Food Preparation Utensils and Equipment

Sprayer, Pump
(Sprayer, Pump) We purchased this pump sprayer to spray on light coatings of extra virgin olive oil, and other liquid seasonings, such as soy sauce.  By pumping the lid up and down, the bottle becomes pressurized.  The lid is removed, and by pressing on the spray tip, a fine spray can be aimed at the desired recipe.  The excess oil or other seasoning can be stored in the spray bottle.  The only drawback with spraying and storing oil in the bottle, is that the spray nozzle has a tendency to become clogged if the sprayer is not used often.  At the first sign of clogging, the spray bottle should be thoroughly cleaned and hot soapy water run through the sprayer until a fine spray is produced.  It then can be thoroughly rinsed, dried, and put back into use.
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