Animal Sentience and the Law
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FROM Lynley Tulloch, VeganFTA (Vegan For The Animals)
June 2021

There is no way to farm animals kindly, and no way to genuinely respect their sentience while we are ultimately planning to kill them.

long-haired Cow

The recent announcement that animals are now to be formally recognized as sentient under UK law provides a good basis for campaigners and animal rights activists to push for law change. Alongside the announcement came a number of policy changes that will prevent horrific suffering. These included the banning of export of animals for fattening and slaughter in the UK.

New Zealand also recognises animals as sentient under the law. This means that animals are regarded as having the capacity to be aware of sensations.

And yet sadly, this awareness of sentience is not given adequate attention. Instead it is given short shrift when industry profit is at risk. While we are aware animals can feel, we still subject them to ongoing atrocities....



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