SermonVegan Tipping Point
An all-creatures Bible Message

Vegan Tipping Point
A Sermon Delivered to
The Compassion Internet Church
22 Jul 2018
Frank L. Hoffman, Pastor

Scripture References

Psalm 89:19-37
Romans 3:23

Vegan tipping point is when there are a sufficient number of vegans in the world to tip the balance of this corrupt world into becoming vegan and ending the horrible pain, suffering, and death inflicted upon billions of animals every year.
Based upon our history of being vegan for more than 30 years, when most people didnít even know the word vegan or know what it meant, to the present time when it has become commonplace, connected with all the new vegans and vegan products, indicates to us that we are moving closer and closer to the time when we have a real vegan tipping point.
Nowhere in Psalm 89:19-37 is there any mention of living a loving, compassionate and plant based lifestyle, but it does tell us about Godís anointing of His godly ones, whom today we believe are His children, who live in His heavenly will and work to free creation from its present corruption, which causes millions of humans and billions of animals to suffer and die every year.

19. Once Thou didst speak in vision to Thy godly ones,
And didst say, "I have given help to one who is mighty;
I have exalted one chosen from the people.

We need to remember that the ďgodly onesĒ referred to in this verse are those who sincerely believed in God, but who also may have done things that were of this corrupt world.
In a way God chose Adam in this manner from among the other living beings that He had created, but as we know, Adam disobeyed God and was forced to leave the Garden of Eden.
God also chose Noah, but as we are told, even righteous Noah fell away, and God declared that humans are evil from their youth.
And letís not forget that He also chose Abraham from among the people, and he too went through times of not believing in God, but trusted in the corrupt ways of this world, as he did when he went into Sarahís maid and had a son by her, instead of trusting in the Lord that he would have a son through Sarah, his wife.
God also chose Saul in this manner, and he disobeyed God, and was removed from being king over Israel.
Then He chose David, whom we believe this verse and psalm are referring to, and he did things against Godís heavenly will, and even became a murderer, but he was also truly remorseful, for God forgave him, but not without having him bear the consequences of his ungodly acts.
So, as we go on, we need to remember these thingsÖ

20. "I have found David My servant;
With My holy oil I have anointed him,

As we said above, just because David was anointed by God or his agent, does not mean that he was a fully righteous person.

21. With whom My hand will be established;
My arm also will strengthen him.
22. "The enemy will not deceive him,
Nor the son of wickedness afflict him.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned above, this has happened with many people even to this very day.
This is also what we are told in Romans 3:23Ö

23. for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

With this in mind, letís return to our psalm passageÖ

23. "But I shall crush his adversaries before him,
And strike those who hate him.

But as we look around us, we are not seeing this happen; is it something that we are doing wrong?
Perhaps, but in spite of this, we are seeing signs that more and more people are sincerely trying to move us closer and closer to a vegan tipping point, because they are truly following Godís heavenly will.

24. "And My faithfulness and My lovingkindness will be with him,
And in My name his horn will be exalted.

A lot of people believe that what they are doing is in the heavenly will of God, but again, we are not really seeing this happen, except among people who realize that they canít be in the heavenly will of God, and still be living in the corrupt ways of this world.
Could it be that God is seeing so much evil in the world around us that He has decided to let us suffer with the evil we have brought upon ourselves?
On the other hand we are seeing more and more people becoming vegan, especially young people, and more and more vegan products on the market, which we believe is a blessing from the Lord, and these are the things that are moving us closer to a vegan tipping point.
Is this blessing an answer to the people who are leading this effort to help free creation from its present corruption, as a way of encouraging them?
We sure hope soÖ

25. "I shall also set his hand on the sea,
And his right hand on the rivers.
26. "He will cry to Me, 'Thou art my Father,
My God, and the rock of my salvation.'
27. "I also shall make him My first-born,
The highest of the kings of the earth.

We believe that the psalmist is still talking about David, but it sure sounds like he is referring to Jesus.
Because we know that David fell away so many times and was forbidden from building the new Temple because of the blood on his hands; we struggle with the references in this psalm, unless these are the psalmistís words and not those of the Holy Spirit.

28. "My lovingkindness I will keep for him forever,
And My covenant shall be confirmed to him.
29. "So I will establish his descendants forever,
And his throne as the days of heaven.

God did this, but the world is just as corrupt, indifferent, and unjust as it has always been.
And even after Jesus was born into this world, relatively few people really followed His teachings of becoming peacemaking children of God; most people still want to live in the corrupt ways of this world.

30. "If his sons forsake My law,
And do not walk in My judgments,
31. If they violate My statutes,
And do not keep My commandments,
32. Then I will visit their transgression with the rod,
And their iniquity with stripes.

As we know from the history written in the Bible, these things did happen, but Godís covenant with David was still in force, but Israel did suffer for her indiscretions.

33. "But I will not break off My lovingkindness from him,
Nor deal falsely in My faithfulness.
34. "My covenant I will not violate,
Nor will I alter the utterance of My lips.
35. "Once I have sworn by My holiness;
I will not lie to David.

God did not lie to David, but David continued to be distracted by the corrupt ways of this world.

36. "His descendants shall endure forever,
And his throne as the sun before Me.

The line of David ended with the birth of Jesus, and since He is in heaven forever and ever, we believe that this is the fulfillment of the lineage of David and the reign of God through His true believers here on earth.
However, there are still too few of these believing children of God to turn the world back to God, and the vegan tipping point; thus, we are seeing the evil and violence continue to dominate the world around us.

37. "It shall be established forever like the moon,
And the witness in the sky is faithful."

We believe that God has already done this, but there are still too few of the real children of God to turn the world around; thus we are still suffering.
We need to follow the heavenly will of God and do everything in our power to free creation from its present corruption.
We need to be pushing the world closer and closer to a vegan tipping point.
We can do it, if we want to.

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