Shooting Ourselves in the FootAnimal Abuse - The Killing of a Bull
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Throughout the ages, we have accepted killing, violence, and violent behavior as just being a part of life - it's time we change!

By: Frank L. Hoffman

killing a bull

On 11 September 2001, in Tordesillas (Valadolid, Spain), a bull will be tormented and murdered in a show called "Toro de Vega", just as the one in this picture was tortured and murdered last year. This "show" can be described as: lots of people armed with medieval spears, chasing one bull in the fields and sticking the spears in any part of his body till he is dead. In the year 2000, the animal had one spear stuck completely through his body during 35 minutes till his death while the crowd still continued sticking him with more spears. And, church silence has been promoting this violence.

If the world, and particularly the church would begin to speak out against these atrocities, these types of blood sports would end almost over night; but the church's silence is encouraging their continuation. To take pleasure in the death or suffering of any living being is un-Biblical.

The church is supposed to be the moral leader of the community and the world. Its role is not to sanitize violence. To accept torturing an animal for 35 minutes and say nothing against it, is to follow the devil and not the teachings of our Father in Heaven. What is happening here is nothing more than sadistic murder. These people are no better than a lynch mob; in fact, they are probably worse, because they are engaging in torture and well as a killing.

By this time, we suppose that some of our readers are saying, "This is in Spain, and we are not. It's their problem." It isn't only their problem. It's the problem of the whole world, for if we allow this to be done to a bull in Spain, we are not far from allowing such things to be done to humans in another part of the world. Evil is evil no matter where it occurs. The same God who is over them is over all of us, and the same Holy Spirit is convicting us of the sins of humanity. The whole world needs to stand up and shout, "STOP! This must end, now, and forever." As long as we are silent in any part of the world, we are just as guilty of torturing this animal as if we had thrust in a spear with our own hands. This isn't a "cultural thing" or innocent fun.

It's sadistic murder, and it's about time we began calling these atrocities by their proper names.

Our silence is like shooting ourselves in the foot, because we are sanitizing violence in our society.

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