Shooting Ourselves in the FootChurch Violence: Is the Term Christian Bullfighter an Oxymoron?
A Shooting Ourselves in the Foot: The Sanitizing of Violence in Our Society Article from

Throughout the ages, we have accepted killing, violence, and violent behavior as just being a part of life - it's time we change!

By: Frank L. Hoffman

On Friday, 3 July 1998, I decided to relax and watch a little television. I tuned in the Family Channel, and it was in the middle of a Christian talk show. There were about six people (men and women) lined up with red capes being taught the fundamentals of bullfighting. They were being taught by a man who we were told was a "Christian bullfighter". All I could think was, "That's sure a contradiction in terms."

As a pastor, I struggle with the callous disregard of supposed believing Christians for the pain and suffering that this "sport" promotes. The participants on this show all had smiling faces and were obviously enjoying themselves.

No one even mentioned about the cruelty this blood sport promotes. No one mentioned any concern for the bulls. No one mentioned the "hardness of heart" that blood sports promote among the people.

The people continue to cheer for more and more blood. There seems to be no end to their thirst for blood. And here in this example, the church was promoting this recreational killing.

I'm tired of hearing the lame excuses that some people give such as, "We give the meat to the poor". I'm sorry, but I believe that not only the poor, but everyone has already been given too much bull to eat.

Any form of killing is violent, and it needs to stop. And the church needs to wake up to the fact that we're responsible for a lot of the violence that is taking place in our society, because we don't take a stand against it. Even worse, as in this case, we promote it.

When will we stop sanitizing violence in our society? When will we stop shooting ourselves in the foot?

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