20 Years of Adventure and Snuggles
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FROM Lindsay Dee
November 2020 Facebook post

kitten Kumori

We had 20 wonderful years of adventure and snuggles together—from your days as a kitten in Washington to stealing @mississippidrea’s hamburgers in Idaho to helping me study for law school exams in Texas to our first adventure in Colorado to warming my lap on long work nights back in Texas and your final months as a grumpy old man back in Colorado, you were always my sweet Kumori “kun,” my baby.

Cat Kumori

You will be missed, but you will always be in my heart and I know you’re in a pain-free world full of all the chicken and cheese you could ever want with your brothers and sisters, Clara, Chaz, Maynard, Utah, Louie, and Newman by your side.

Until we meet again my love.

Cat Kumori

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