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Heidi, Washington state activist
February 2014

In memory of a wonderful part of every day for the past twelve years...

Chula companion dog

See Memorial to Chula - PDF

Chula was a stray named after the location where he was found by two environmentalists doing research in the Chula Vista area of California. They brought him to the Northwest where they nursed him back to health (he had been near starvation) and fostered him till they could find the right home.

Chula had clearly been a domesticated dog (he'd already been neutered and loved people and riding in cars) but had likely been dumped because of his allergies... after that he also suffered from extreme anxiety for some time, so finding just the right kind of home was important.  

Luckily, Chula chose me - - it was an instant connection. We could only guess he must have been some blend of Belgian Shepherd breeds, but he was also the perfect combination of content homebody companion and happy active hiking partner.

His passing has left a huge hole in my heart which now his memory fills.  

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