Francis Survives Cancer
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From Animal Place Sanctuary
July 2012

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Francis has been through a lot. She was used for breeding babies to be slaughtered, most of them at Harris Ranch feedlot in southern California. Two years ago, she was purchased by an individual who wanted to get into "raising their own food". They would breed the seven-year-old cow and then slaughter her babies.

Lucky for Francis, she got cancer. That's usually tragic news for most people and nonhumans, but for Francis it saved her life. Her previous "owners" took the cow to UC Davis for veterinary treatment, as they thought Francis was also 8-mos was important for them to make sure the calf was healthy so he or she could be raised and slaughtered.

Veterinarians determined she had cancer in her eye and, more importantly, that she had been treated with a drug that was illegal to use in "food" animals. Frances was now "worthless" to the people, and they signed custody over to the vet hospital.

Francis underwent surgery to remove her eye and all of the cancer.

We welcome this mother into our hearts and sanctuary. While she will not give birth to a calf who will remain with her into adulthood, she will be matriarch of our main herd... comprised mainly of young males...all of whom could use a little maternal discipline! 

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