Isaac and the Diagnosis
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From Beagle Freedom Project
August 2013

beagle rescue Isaac tumorThis is the worst nightmare of anyone that lives with and loves a dog – and especially so for those whom have adopted a laboratory beagle. There is always a lingering fear that whatever experiment these dogs suffered through could sometime manifest in a sickness. For Isaac, this is exactly what happened…

Last week Isaac was diagnosed with cancer. Free since May as one of the first dogs BFP rescued on the East coast, Isaac had just gotten settled into his forever home and the idyllic life he deserves. The news was devastating. His family put on a brave face though, starting doing research, asking questions, and developing a plan for his care.

The emergency surgery he was recommended far was postponed while results from his cardiac ultrasound came back. There was a legitimate fear that he would not survive going under anesthetics again because during his time in the lab he had telepathy devices attached to his heart and now there is so much scar tissue.

Miracles do happed! This delay saved his life! Isaac went to another doctor, got another diagnosis, and as quickly as the tumor appeared – it went away. Additionally his cardiac ultra sound showed his once “broken heart” had been healed. Isaac is one lucky pup. He got out of the lab, found the perfect family, and beat his brush with cancer. And they say cats have nine lives… To keep updated on Isaac – follow him on his Facebook page!

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