Rhett: Rescued Bait Dog
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From International Fund for Africa (IFA)
September 2012

pit bull pitbull rescue bait dog RhettRhett's story does not have the best beginning. When he was first rescued he had been used for bait in a dog fighting ring. He was very emaciated, extremely frightened, and suffered from muscle atrophy and heartworm.

Rhett came to us nearly 11 months ago at 610 Pet Lodge, where we treated him for heartworm, gave him a lot of love and care, and gave him time to recover. He is now a happy, healthy, lovable 2-year old pit bull, with a beautiful red brindle color. Weighing about 44 lbs, he is more like a pocket pit, though his energetic personality more than makes up for his small size!

"Through the efforts of IFA, he's been able to get back on his feet, and become the happy-go-lucky dog he was meant to be.

--Jamie Cupps
Office Manager at 610 Pet Lodge

Rhett was found at a notorious dumping site for dogs in Crosby, Texas, near Houston. Local news stations have featured this site on their shows, reporting on the frequency with which people dump their cars, couches, and, sadly, unwanted dogs at this single site.

The problem has gotten so bad that Houston police are spending thousands of dollars in surveillance at the site, trying to catch those attempting to dump animals and unwanted items. To save animals left at the site and campaign against this terrible practice, local volunteers have also organized into a group called Stop the Crosby Puppy Massacres.

Since IFA is always committed to helping animals in need, no matter where we may happen to find them, we have helped and will continue to help save Crosby dogs from this miserable fate. 

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