From Puppy Mill to Happy Ending for Sunny
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From Gentle Barn
July 2012

Sunny was born and raised in a puppy mill. Every year she had babies and they would be taken away as she was left to cry alone in her cage. She had never been in a real home with a real family. When the puppy mill was raided she needed a place to help her heal and learn how to be a "real" dog. This is exactly the kind of work we do at The Gentle Barn but because we have our hands full with the animals from the backyard butcher we just could not take her in.

 Sunny puppy mill breeder

For the last several weeks we have been praying for a miracle and we finally got one! One of our visitors saw her in our newsletter, came to see us about her and started making phone calls until she got a lab rescue interested. They found the perfect foster home to take her in, potty train her, show her love and kindness and heal her once and for all.

From now on Sunny will live out the rest of her days in a home of her own, with a family that loves her and one day soon she will not remember what it was ever like to be alone in a cage! 

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