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by Nancy Janes

August 2009


I just got the pictures back from my trip to Romania and I want to share a few with you. One of the puppies that we brought back is Ana Marie.

One look at her picture (below) and you will see why I had to bring her back to the US. Ana Marie has a sad story -- her back was broken (she was hit by a car) and she is paralyzed. But that doesn�t stop her and she is an extremely happy dog! She loves kisses and is very good.


(Photo - 01)


(Photo - 02)

She likes to hop after bugs and seems to love to go on car rides and look out the window. When I take her places in my arms, she is so interested in everything. I guess I am like having her own legs. She is happiest with a good chewie. A little one since she is pretty little (under 25 pounds), but may get up to 35 or 40 lbs. Right now she hops around - it's very cute. She is great with other dogs and loves to play when they will come over and play with her. Otherwise, she entertains herself with her chew sticks. She has had all of her shots and will soon be spayed.

Plus, a cart is on it's way and she should have it next week so she can run around and play. Then she will be all ready to be adopted. If you are interested in adopting Ana Marie, please contact me for an interview.

I have also attached a couple of photos of spay surgeries by Dr. Olsen (one of the veterinarians that traveled to Romania to help spay and neuter dogs) so that you can see what we did while in Galati. Thanks to all of our donors, we were able to do a lot of spay and neuter surgeries.


(Photo - 03)


(Photo - 04)

Thank you so much!


Sincerely, Nancy Janes Romania
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