Arrow in Doe Pierces Heart of Colorado Couple
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August 2009

In a continued attempt to save a wounded female deer in Elbert County, Lori and Jack Cavanaugh have opened their home to the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW), and will do it again Sunday.


"I call her 'Miss Doe,'" said Lori Cavanaugh, who lives across the street from where the injured animal was originally reported.

As instructed by DOW, the couple have put out cracked corn, alfalfa and water in their front lawn bird bath for Miss. Doe, so she can eat without hurting her wounds from a hunting arrow that penetrated her nose, throat and neck last week.


DOW set up in the Cavanaugh home's living room early Friday morning, hoping to get close enough to tranquilize the two-year-old doe, according to Lori Cavanaugh.

Today, DOW set up again, this time successfully shooting her twice in the hind areas, although she was still able to get away.

"We thought we had her. She laid down, then all of the sudden, she jumped up and got away again," said Jack Cavanaugh, who has become involved with the rescue.

Lori Cavanaugh said Miss. Doe is oozing blood near her jaw. She said she has prepared her garage in case Miss. Doe is captured and needs treatment right away.

"There's carpet down there, and we have a ton of blankets ready," Lori Cavanaugh said, adding a local vet has been on stand-by for the hurt animal.

DOW planned another early day at the Cavanaugh home Sunday to save Miss. Doe.

After she was captured, DOW deemed the infection was too extensive so the deer was shot to end her misery.


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