Babies Story A True Miracle
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by Heather Terwilliger

August 2009

I want everyone to know her story because it deserves to be told

Babies used to live in Sioux Falls, SD. She spent her days with 5 other dogs it a tiny basement room. She lived in her and the other dogs feces, pee and no love whatsoever. She was let outside to go to the bathroom once a day by her owners if even that. (Photo - 01)


She was skinny and hungry. Her hair was matted and caked with filth. She was unable to cry out for help or tell anyone because she didn't have a voice of her own. Until one day an Angel came to her rescue and took her away.

I don't mean to seem overly proud or bragging...but I am that angel. My husband used to work for Quest in Sioux Falls and worked with Babies owners at the time. We were invited to a party at this house. When we arrived i heard barking and I asked the owner if i could go downstairs and see the dogs and they said yes. All the other dogs were big dogs and they seemed pretty healthy yet also skinny and filthy, but this little angel, Babies, was hiding behind a couch. She looked pathetic and she was scared. I picked her up and I sat down on this filthy couch and I looked deep into her brown eyes and i saw a friend. She gave me kisses and I decided that she deserved better. I went upstairs and I asked my husband and the owners if I could have her and the owners said yes but my husband wasn't too fond of it. I brought him down to see her and instantly he said yes. I had to wait awhile before I could take her because we lived in an apt where animals were not allowed. (Photo - 02)


When we moved to Minnesota, I went and I got her from her hell. I took her back to the apt before we left. I gave her some food that we weren't going to need...gave her a bath and got her a blanket and we took off. (Photo - 03)


Gladly Babies is a fat, lazy happy dog as you can see in all these pictures that I have. I guess the point of my story is to let everyone know that there are more animals like Babies. I don't know how someone could be so cruel to such a beautiful face. Such a loving personality. Luckily I found her, otherwise she would probably be dead.

Please People...if you know of an animal like this...please speak up for them because they don't have voices.

They can't cry out for help...and even if they did no one would understand.

I love you Babies...I'm glad I found you

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