Beautiful Daisy
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From The Gentle Barn
August 2013

[Please read update below - October 25, 2013]

Daisy goat rescueDaisy is one of the goats rescued from the backyard butcher last year. She has congenital birth defects that make it hard for her to gain weight and her legs are slightly deformed. As instructed by our vet, we keep her nails trimmed and give her plenty of nutritional supplements and good food.

Because her knees have arthritis and her tendons are shrinking, pulling her knees into a sitting down position, we have been giving her ultrasound, chiropractic and massage therapy several times a week to keep her mobile and pain free. But Daisy’s arthritis keeps getting slowly worse.

Yet, despite her physical challenges, Daisy is so sweet and kind and grateful for everything. She is like a ballerina, so delicate and fragile, we imagine her doing pirouettes in the air like an angel.

Daisy was so scared of humans when we rescued her, but with time she learned to trust and let us in. Now she paws at us to pet her and scratch her back and neck and she positions herself to show us where she wants us to pet her. We bring her special treats and give her lots of attention and we’ll keep her comfortable for as long as we can and love her as much as we can!

October 25, 2013

We lost our beautiful Daisy this week. She had a congenital defect in her legs and, when we rescued her from the backyard butcher, she was in very bad shape.

Over the last year and a half we were able to heal her and help her gain weight, confidence and trust in people. Several months ago she developed severe arthritis in her knees and her legs began to bend out of shape. We gave her acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy and ultrasound treatments to keep her walking and it worked for a while, but eventually she could no longer stand up or walk.

The vet said that she had little quality of life left and it was time to set her free of a body that no longer worked. It was the hardest, final act of love and devotion and we said goodbye with heavy hearts and many tears. We feel so blessed to have known her and to have been loved by her!

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