Bengal and Charlie: There's Nothing Better than a Rescue
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From Shannon Keith, Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME)

August 2009

Charlie was rescued by ARME from the pound and then adopted to a wonderful couple with another dog named Bengal. This update will make you realize that rescuing is the only way to go.... Share this with others who are considering purchasing a dog from a pet store or breeder....


Hi Shannon,

I'm not sure if I told you when we got Charlie, but Bengal is an epileptic. He hasn't had seizures very often since we moved here, but he had one for the first since we got Charlie. I put Charlie in the bedroom and was worried about how they would react to each other. After seizures Bengal didn't recognize anyone for awhile and got scared and aggressive.

Right after his most recent seizure Bengal started crying really loud. Charlie was barking so I let him out and that's what Bengal had wanted. He instantly recognized him and started wagging his tail! Charlie knew something was wrong and just sat with him until he felt better. It made me cry I was so happy and touched.

Thank you again for our wonderful family member!


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