Bo Died Today
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April 25, 2003

By Tammy S. Grimes, Founder, Dogs Deserve Better
Posted January 2012

As you may or may not know, Bo, formerly 'Worthless', was the reason I started Dogs Deserve Better. I'd drive by him every day, nearly wrecking as I stared obsessively out my car window and tried simultaneously to negotiate the hairpin turn. I'd mutter to myself, or any being unfortunate enough to be trapped in the car with me, "Dogs Deserve Better." Hence the name for an organization working in communities across this great nation to get dogs off chains, out of pens, and into the family.


I made the decision to put him to sleep April 25, 2003 due to heart failure with possible tumor complications. I still can't believe he is gone, and I miss him dearly. I feel that his place in this world did not go unnoticed, and for him and the many still like him we must continue the mission, in fact, we must get more serious about it, more passionate, and more involved.

This is my eulogy to him, and my goodbye to a precious gift...

He deserved better, he deserved more. I knew it from the first day I saw him, chained to a post 1/4 mile from my home. For the six years I continued my vigil, I watched him suffer the solitude of a lonely, tribeless existence. When my intuition told me he was ill, I could bear it no longer. His constant pacing beat the drum for my soul’s insistent urging. He is the reason for Dogs Deserve Better, and I lost him all too soon.

Bo was ordinary. Ordinary in his need for love, his ability to continue to love man even as we deserved it not. He won no beauty contests, his stump of a tail bespoke a birth defect and yet wagged with the ferocity of any bigger. As the wolf, his ridge-hair stood Mohawk when danger neared. And as I whispered “I love you” softly and kindly, it stood the same.

Maybe his heart couldn’t contain the expansion love brought, for he knew it not. Maybe he felt safe to leave, in the wholeness of my arms. Maybe he could finally stop the pacing, and so his heart.

I think about his ashes. I want him to be where he would most long to be. I realize he most longed to be with me.

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