It's Boo Boo Bear's 28th Birthday!
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FROM PAWS Performing Animal Welfare Society
January 2022

So what is Boo Boo’s birthday wish?

Bear Boo Boo

PAWS is celebrating Boo Boo’s 28th birthday this month – it’s also the number of years we will have been caring for him, come December. He stands out as one of our more memorable rescues.

Boo Boo was bought as a “pet” when he was a cub – but baby bears are demanding, have sharp claws, and never make good “pets.” His owners put a chain around his neck and left Boo Boo in their backyard.

Baby bears grow very fast. And yet, no one ever loosened Boo Boo’s chain which soon became embedded deep in his neck. We can only imagine poor Boo Boo’s misery. Surgery was required to remove the chain.

At PAWS, Boo Boo had a 27-year friendship with black bear Winston who passed away last year. He remains in their large, natural enclosure in the Bob Barker Bear Habitat, filled with native trees, bushes and grass. No human can ever replace Winston, but our caregivers are giving Boo Boo plenty of extra love and attention.

Bear Boo Boo

So what is Boo Boo’s birthday wish? We think he would wish for an end to the exploitation and suffering of captive wildlife – and that other animals could be rescued and experience a new life, like he has.

Won’t you make a donation today in honor of Boo Boo’s birthday and the opportunity for more captive wild animals to find safe refuge at PAWS?

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