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By Phelicia Haulk [email protected]   

August 2009


My name is Phelicia. First off I wanted to say "You have a Wonderful site". Second I wanted to share my story with you. Its a story of love, friendship, and loyalty. To start with I was raised on a farm in the south. I had horses, dogs, cats, cattle, and birds. My best friends then were the animals we had, And my best friend now is my Brandi.

Brandi is a Lab/Bull Mastiff mix--and very beautiful too!!!!!!!! I got Brandi when she was only 6 weeks old, she was the one who choose me---and she was the only one that was bigger and brownish-red with a black muzzle, black eyebrows with her eyes looking like she was wearing mascara. The rest of her siblings were black.

My story takes place on December 26th 1998. We got up that morning to take Glenn to work---so my 2 daughters got up and took Brandi out back to go potty, brought her back in fed her and she went with us to take Glenn to work. We came back home and it was a normal day for us, grocery shopping and etc.. Then it came time to go pick up Glenn from work. This time I decided to leave Brandi at home in the front yard on her chain (only because the yard wasn't fenced all the way yet.)

When we got home it was dark and we pulled into the driveway and I noticed that the 4x4 fence posts were knocked clear down to the ground (It looked like someone took a tractor and plowed it to the ground) And all of a sudden my heart sank....I looked over to where Brandi was left at and she was gone.....her chain on the ground...not connected to her collar...her collar was on the ground about 10 feet away not broken....unbuckled..!!!!!! Glenn went inside to get a flashlight and upon looking around for her we noticed that in several parts of the was rammed into...if it wasn't to the ground it was split on the rails.

To say the least we were up ALL NIGHT looking for her. Glenn had called into work the next morning and told his boss there was a family emergency and he couldn't come to work that day.

So we continued to search for her, I called the police they had me make out a report and they needed pictures of her. They said they will do what they can, but since she was a mix breed they said she is probably taken to sell to a lab for experiments...I cried when they told me this. I was determined to find her, so I went home collected some pictures of her, went to the nearest copy shop and had them make flyers for me.

I went up roads, and went door to door, with no luck!!!!

Then I came to this one door and that person was with the forestry dept. and he said he saw Brandi with a man and a woman at Cougar Reservoir (which is about 110 miles from my home) and I asked him ARE YOU SURE---he said YES!!!!!, He immediately left to go up there to help get her back, when he arrived the people were still there but Brandi was not, they told him that the dog was there's and she ran away from them and she is lost now.

All this time I still continued to search for her and still nothing---it was now the to the point that I was not sleeping, eating, or anything---Brandi was my baby and I knew she was cold and hungry---she was the biggest wus in the world when it comes to being outside in the cold. And plus I knew something was wrong with her--I Felt It--.

It was now Saturday--January 1,1999. I had to take Glenn to work but on the way back home, I had this strange feeling that was telling me to go back up to Deerhorn Road (one of the places I looked for Brandi), so I started driving faster--And the (voice ) was telling me hurry up --YOU HAVE TO GET TO DEERHORN RD.

Finally I turn onto Deerhorn Rd. (this is a road that is a mountain road and at the end of it has logging roads (these parts of the mountains connect to cougar res.) So I proceeded up Deerhorn Rd. and at about 12 miles up it, I stop the car and open my door, I see an animal coming barely over the hill and I said to myself, "Brandi ", and the animal stopped, lifted her head and I looked closer and I Yelled BRANDI, and she came running and knocked me down, gave me kisses, and climbed in the car. I took Brandi home, and I bathed her, and called the vet. I took her in and he said He was surprised she is alive because of the following: under weight--She went from 100 lbs. down to 65 lbs., Her feet were torn up, he says he believes that she was dragged from a moving vehicle, she was beaten in the face, very dehydrated, and she smelled like death (even after her bath ). Not to mention the rash she had all over her body !!!!!

Well in the end I got her back, and my baby is healthy again. Glenn tells me that I saved Brandi that day when I found her on New Years Day, But I believe it was God who told me to go back up there (that morning I prayed to God and told him the only thing I wanted was to have Brandi back and to please keep her safe and not let anything happen to her). My request was granted. And she is with me now at age six and she is my protector, my friend, my companion, my baby. And I believe she saved me that day....I never realized how much I loved her until that happened. I took her for granted thinking she will always be there for me....she was taken from me....And God delivered her back to me. I no longer take her for I learned my lesson. God shall give...and God shall take....

This picture was taken of Brandi when she was 8 months old. Here we were at my oldest daughters school--it was SHARE DAY and she shared Brandi with her class. This picture was taken about a month and a half before she was stolen from us. (If you look at the date on the calendar behind us) She was so excited about being with her baby Cheyenne--she would politely lay between Cheyenne and the rest of the students (I guess she didn't want anyone to be the center of attention but her--she loved it---Especially the tummy and chest loves she got from the class. I had to grab her and have her sit by me because she was such a clown that Cheyenne couldn't give her presentation. Hopefully you can see Brandi's beauty like we do, MAY ALL GOD'S CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL COME TO KNOW PEACE AND JOY IN HIS GARDEN OF LOVE. (To enlarge the photo, click on the photo or link)


Oh and by the way, Glenn lost his job on the 6th of January, which was a Tuesday, His boss took off work until then. When he asked Glenn what the emergency was, he told him--Brandi was stolen--his boss said you are kidding me and told Glenn he was fired, because trying to find a dog was no excuse to not come to work. Glenn said, Brandi isn't a dog!!!! she is a Daughter, A companion, and a friend and she IS part of our family. But in the end Glenn found a better job with insurance and better pay. He says he feels that GOD has blessed him with this job because he loves Brandi as a daughter. And if it weren't for Brandi coming into our lives, I might not be here, Shortly after getting his new job, I was diagnosed with cancer. This insurance paid for it all (where we had none before at his other job).

So I believe that GOD SENT BRANDI to me !!!!!!

22 May 2007 update:


I wanted to give you an update on Brandi….She has gotten to be a very spoiled baby. She enjoys walks in the mountains. and lounging in the house. Yes Brandi is older now and she can't run like she use too but she still enjoys life.

Please post my email on Brandi's story for me.


Phelicia Haulk

29 September 2007 update:


I wanted to give you another update on Brandi...Brandi is really slowing down these days. She has gotten even older and she has been diagnosed with cancer. We are doing what we can for Brandi to keep her happy and comfy.

At this point she is still enjoying life to the fullest, But I know that day will come when she will let me know that her time is here to leave me. She is a major part of our lives and we love her very much. Brandi saved my life and I want to help save hers.

She has 2 companions now. One is Gracee, who was a rescue; she's a Smooth coat Border Collie.  The other is a Brittany Spaniel who we gave an Indian name, too, Nahimana We-Ya-Ya...which means mystic sunset. They all are happy and Brandi even though she is sick plays like a pup.


6 May 2009 - Update

Hi, I wanted to let you know that Brandi has now passed on May 5th 2009, She went peacefully in my arms at the Emergency Vet. Hospital.

She passed on her own without any drugs given to her. She will always be remembered in our hearts and I know she is in the ARMS OF THE ANGELS NOW.

May you run free now Brandi and enjoy life once more as you did here on earth with us.


You are missed.

Your loving family, Phelicia, Glenn, Cheyenne, Crystal--Human Family Daisy, Gracee, Velvet, Smokey, Nahi--Animal Family

7 May 2009 - Update

This is the final photo we took of Brandi; it was on our July 4th camping trip in 2008.  She loved camping with us.


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