Broke Back Kitty
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From Heaven Can Wait Animal Society

June 2012

My nickname is “Broke Back.” Why you may ask? Let me tell you . . .


I was abandoned in a trailer park when someone came across my frail body under a trailer. Although that person put out an old sheet for me and some dog food, they didn’t take me in. I think they were afraid I was dying and didn’t want to touch me. I can understand that, but it still left me alone, terribly frightened and very injured. But the Good Samaritan did call Heaven Can Wait Animal Society to rescue me!

You see, someone hurt me or allowed something terrible to happen to me. So, I was left to die under a trailer with no one to put a gentle hand on my mangled body. I couldn’t move and I was dehydrated. I couldn’t get to the dog food for nourishment, had no water and could not get to the sheet for any warmth or comfort. It seemed my fate was sealed. Then HCWS pulled me from the grips of what surely would have been a slow, painful and lonely death. It took the gentle and skilled hands of Dr. David Henderson to determine that I was literally a mess!

He diagnosed me with a broken back (hence the name), along with a broken pelvis and hip. I had to have a Femoral Head Ostectomy (that’s a big word for little me) to help stop the pain. With Dr. Henderson’s good care and some quiet time, I am on the mend and am doing extremely well, if I do say so myself.


Now here is the good news you should know. I am ready for adoption. YEA! I limp a little, but, hey, I use the litter box, I roll over and I play with other cats. I am also great at purring! I perform the usual cat kneading trick. I cannot wait to be part of a loving home and back to living my life as it should be. I could have been paralyzed for life, I could have died, but HCWS saw that my life truly was worth saving. My first seven months may have been racked with abandonment and injuries and surely could have had a tragic ending. Even though my nickname is Broke Back, my new “official” name is KATIRA. It means “ray of light.” None of my past experiences have broken my spirit. HCWS fixed my body and I am forever grateful for that. Now I am looking for someone to fix the hole in my life and give me a nice home for which I, again, will be forever grateful.

The medical care and surgeries to fix me were very expensive, but HCWS thought I was worth it. Your contribution will let HCWS save other cats like me. There are many animals like me that have been abused and are waiting to be “found.” If you would like to help loving cats like me, please considering making a donation here.

If you want to do even more by giving me a nice home, my extra care would be minimal. What makes me different is someone left me under a trailer like trash, but I have now shown the world that, with the help of HCWS and Dr. Henderson, I am so much more than trash. I am going to need a little special care and you can have a full report of my medical background if you are interested in taking me home. I am a survivor, broken back and all.

Think about what I can bring to your home and the love that is waiting to be shared. I limp which makes me unique, but I am NOT broken – I promise you!!

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