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The Sanctuary at Soledad
November 21, 2018

When Bucky was only a few days old he was separated from his mother in a cattle ranch fire. The cattle farmer's wife had a change of heart, and decided that Bucky needed to be placed into a rescue.

Nearing Thanksgiving we thought we'd share an amazing story of ours that we haven't told about a member of our Sanctuary who we are very thankful to have.

Meet Bucky the most gorgeous Black Angus baby calf you've ever seen.

Calf Bucky

When Bucky was only a few days old he was separated from his mother in a cattle ranch fire. The cattle farmer's wife had a change of heart, and decided that Bucky needed to be placed into a rescue, rather than end up with the unfortunate fate that lay ahead. Faced against her husband, and his father, both cattle ranchers, she was against great odds at finding a home for Bucky, and fortunately, she reached out to us.

Maya, our rescue partner, got a call at midnight that this 5 day old, 55 pound black angus baby calf needed a new home. Not having any time to rally a truck and trailer, she headed out in her SUV. After getting the baby calf at the ranch she was forced to keep Bucky in the backseat. A few hours of driving, and not wanting to spare a second alone with the terrified, confused, baby calf, Bucky was put on a halter and lead and taken into a 7-11 for a much needed relief break. People were mesmerized at seeing a baby calf, although many were probably unaware of the tragic journey Bucky had already undergone to get to that point.

Bucky fell asleep in the backseat listening to calming music during the grueling 7 hours back to the sanctuary. Bucky was delivered to his new home in the wee hours of the morning, and was greeted with bottles and love. We are so thankful that we have saved a innocent black angus calf destined for the unfortunate fate of ending up on someone's plate.

Bucky now resides permanently at the Sanctuary, and visitors have loved getting to know the big baby calf, and getting to know his puppy-dog-like demeanor. Bucky continues to be bottle-fed and loves to spend time surrounded by his pig, and goat friends. Bucky loves to rest his head on your lap and is one of the most gentle babies you can meet. We hope that you get to meet Bucky before he gets too big to rest his tired head. I

Bucky Calf

We wanted to share another story about our Thanksgiving day sweetheart, Lucky.

Lucky was rescued at a previous Thanksgiving, and when we first received the call, the kind soul had been asked if they wanted the turkey with the head on. Of course we wanted Lucky, and we are desperately trying to find a female companion for him. Currently he has been desperate to treat one of the ducks as his girlfriend.

Since being saved, it is a tradition for Lucky to have Thanksgiving dinner with us, and thoroughly enjoys having fresh cranberries with his meal. He will be treated with utmost respect, and will be loved for Thanksgivings to come.

As you know millions of turkeys will not have luck on their side, and will not be treated with the decency that we give Lucky. We urge you to reconsider your food options this Thanksgiving, and realize that beautiful birds like this deserve a caring home, and love.

Turkey Lucky

Bucky and Lucky have been given a second chance at life, thanks to donations from good-hearted souls like yourself. We want to especially thank all of you that have donated to us recently, we are so grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

We need your help more than ever during this difficult winter season.

We simply do not have the funds to expand and create a more attractive experience for the resident's of the sanctuary as well as visitors. To make ends meet, we are forced to set up at the Grove Farmers Market now Friday-Sunday. Due to management of the market seeing things in a different direction, our normal spot at the Grove will most likely be taken from us, and we may not be able to set up there. There's been many days where they do not allow us to set up, which is a HUGE impact on our monthly needs.

If you are feeling giving on this Thanksgiving-eve, then we would be incredibly grateful for your donation. Seriously, it means the world to us, and gives us the ability to look at the future with hope, rather than discouragement. To donate, visit our website - The Sanctuary at Soledad

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