Bud Comes to Live With Us
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Veda Stram
March 31, 2012

Heeere’s BUD...my newest roommate....in my house since 5pm Friday (3/30/12), 16 pounds, 2 ounces of lovin’ wonderment!!

When I went to the shelter Thursday to bring home a new kitty, the one I liked best was Bubbles, a female and they weren’t sure if she was spayed or not. I said I'll be back tomorrow to pick up "Bonnie" (Bubbles was NOT an option!) Friday I went from the shelter to the vet (2 minutes away) and discovered “she” is a neutered male! So Bonnie quickly became BUD!

And home he came! Quite the little blotto.... and he is one of the most mellow, laid back, sweetest kitties I have EVER met!

Buddy cat adoption Veda Stram

Buddy cat adoption Veda Stram

cat adoption Buddy Veda Stram

My three females are being pretty pissy so far, going from curious to pure hatred and lots of stuff in between after 24 hours. Sams and KayDee glare at him and hiss and spew now and then and usually stay a good distance away, while Anya sits 2-3 feet away from him and growls continuously for hours while he lays there completely oblivious.

Buddy cat adoption Veda Stram
Anya’s loving, glowingly welcoming stare....eek!

Buddy cat adoption Veda Stram
Sams growled and hissed so loudly a couple times, she got coughing fits (always the drama queen).

Buddy cat adoption Veda Stram
KayDee came closer than the other two a couple of times but hasn’t been willing to get sniff-close yet.

He hasn’t done anything “toward” the other kitties other than look at them, no matter what their shennanigans.

I was awake most of the first night ‘cause Bud got on the bed and climbed on my chest and nuzzled my chin with his nose (16 pounds, thank you VERY much). That’ll wake you up! Then he’d sleep soundly for a while and then decided to change position (a 16 pound weight shifting on top of me!). Or Anya’s constant growling and hissing would get louder now and then and wake me up.

I’m pleased that he hasn’t eaten too much. He’s definitely not food obsessed. Whatever his weight was when he was brought to the shelter as a stray, he didn’t have much to do but sit in his cage and eat, except for the 10 minutes a day somebody would play with him. He hasn’t even had a window to peek out of since mid February. He has NO interest in going outside but does love sitting in the windows and looking at the wildlife.

He plays with pingpong and bouncy balls and wadded up paper as if he's never seen them...as if he's a kitten. Really bounces and runs and leaps... He's already disappeared nine little balls that I'll have to find! And I'm sure this playing will disappear some pounds.

He’s MUCH cleaner today, more shiney, than he was yesterday after a chance to REALLY sleep, feel relaxed and have constant cuddles (can't get enough of those)... out of a cage, onto a waterbed will do that. He found and used the kitty box; found and drank from two water bowls.

So... it's just a matter of everybody getting over themselves....well, the three girls that is. Bud and I are just fine! I hope to have updates of four happy roommates soon. 

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