The Cat Who Saved Louis J. Camuti
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By John Danielsen

My grandfather was allergic to cats and dog hair growing up. When he was around 6 years old his house caught on fire while the family was sleeping. His cat can up into his bedroom and sat on his pillow above his head. The cat then brushed his tail back and forth until my grandfather woke up. Realizing there was smoke he picked up the cat, woke up the rest of the family and escaped the fire without injury.

As a result my grandfather dedicated his life to animals. He was a cat veterinarian for over 65 years during which he took medicine every day for his allergy to cat hair. He made house calls to New York City and started his day at 4PM when his clients were home. His day usually ended at 1 AM in the morning before he drove home. He wrote two books” All My Patients Live Under the Bed” and “Park Ave Vet”. Both are great books for cat lovers.

John Danielsen is the grandson of Dr. Louis J. Camuti

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