Charlotte and Calvin...Reunited!
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From Leilani Farm Sanctuary

August 2012

kitten siblings cats Leilani

Charlotte and Calvin as kittens and now reunited as teenagers

Charlotte and Calvin, siblings rescued from a sugarcane field, lived here at Leilani Farm Sanctuary until one day Charlotte decided to explore the back seat of a visitorís car and ended up miles away.

Charlotte became lost on the streets, fighting for her survival while trying to find her way home. Brother Calvin searched the farm for his sister and became so depressed about losing her that all he could do was sleep.

Two months later, the Maui Humane Society called with miraculous news: Charlotte had been turned in! They traced Charlotte to us via her embedded microchip. She was hungry, dehydrated, and suffering from an abscess, but has since been treated by Dr. Moyer and is now recovering beautifully.

We are all thrilled to have her back at the farm, and have a renewed appreciation for the importance of micro-chipping and closing car windows. 

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