The Story of Chinchi
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By: Mindy Tucker This story came to us in letter form, so we decided to leave it that way to add a more personal touch.

Dear Mary and Frank,

I was thinking about you, and wanted you to know that you're in my prayers! 

I got a cute pic of Chinchilla (named by my day care children 7 years ago) and wanted to share it with you. (She got this way on her own!)  (To enlarge the photo of Chinchi, click on the photo)

This little angel came to us at my day care in Hot Springs, Arkansas, as a starving, approximately four week old kitten.  I heard a mewing in the grass, and when I found her and tried to pick her up, she scratched and spit at me!  She was SO TINY it was a wonder she had that much fight left in her! 

I took her to a vet friend of mine, and she got us fixed up with some milk and a tiny bottle. Needless to say, she is a "pampered pet" now!  I guess you could say this pic is entitled, "The Chair PURR-SON!"  (To enlarge the photo of Chinchi, click on the photo)

Chinchi bonded to me, and will NOT let anyone else touch her unless I'm holding her.  My husband and children, grandchildren, and friends want to cuddle and hold her, but they respect her, and get a little pat in once in a while when she's curled up on my lap.   I had to hold her when I took her to be spayed 6 and a half years ago, while they gave her the anesthetic!!

You're welcome to use her pic and story if you want to. I just thought this was cute, because this is the ONLY kind of mouse she's allowed to "catch!!"  HA!  We got this new printer/scanner/fax, and I'm not used to it yet!  On the other hand, Chinchi doesn't seem to have any problems.  (To enlarge the photo of Chinchi, click on the photo)

May God Bless and keep you both!

Your Sister In Christ,

Mindy Tucker

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