Cooper is Adopted into a Loving Family
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By Debra Stitt - 27 Apr 2004

August 2009

I thought you'd get a kick out of this picture. It's a photo of Cooper, our youngest. (To enlarge the photo of Cooper, click on the photo or link)


I found him at a PetsMart after he was rescued from the garbage (people can be so cruel). He required medical care to get him healthy because of the way he had been living. He was so tiny he pretty much fit in your hand.

It's funny, when I was at the checkout counter with lots of other people, he kept looking at me and flirting -- he'd roll over on his back and talk to me while reaching out to me through the cage with a tiny little paw. It's like he knew I was to be his mom. Well, being the big softy that I am, I couldn't resist him. He was obviously right!

Our first responsibility, of course, was to our three other kitties so we had him tested before bringing him home. Thankfully, he didn't have anything we couldn't deal with. He did end up with a high fever, a respiratory infection and some sort of intestinal bug. It took us quite a while to get his digestive system working properly.  (To enlarge the photo of Cooper and Debra, click on the photo or link)


Now he's a happy, healthy kitty that's part lover boy and part devil. The only problems he has from being so ill is that he's not your typical, graceful puss. He will slide into walls when playing and fall off of the couch, etc., but other than that, he's as smart as they come. And, I think you can see that he no longer has a digestive problem. :-)

That's my boy!



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