Courageous Rescuers Snatch Two Roosters from Imminent Danger
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United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
February 2015

 How some amazing human beings worked to save ROOSTERS!

Minnesota veterinarian speaks out for chickens and compassionate care

Chickens are the newest "fad" for a pet, but what happens if city laws change and you can't have them any more? Or if they need medical care? Or if a predator attacks and wounds or kills them?

Now it's not just dogs and cats freezing and homeless in the winter. It's also chickens.

rooster rescues
Cynthia Fetzer, DVM and rescued rooster

Saving Mr Big

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dear UPC,

I contacted you a few months back about a rooster who had been abandoned near my home in rural Washington. Unfortunately, I was unable to catch him and never saw him again. Now there are four hens and a rooster at the same dump-off spot, about a half mile from my house. I went over and fed them some chicken scratch and thought maybe if I make a trail of it to my house, they will follow. I will go over again at dusk and see if they are roosting, but it looks like they’re hiding out in brush and bushes along a vegetable field across from the river. In the meantime, I have to figure out where they can live in the event I am able to get them to my house. Thanks so much for any advice.
– Joyce Pollack

Following this email, Joyce was able to rescue two of the four hens but the other two hens disappeared, probably to predation.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hi Karen & UPC,

Got him! Mr Big is now safely ensconced in a large dog carrier (door open) inside a large ex pen in our garage. Got the two girls to an animal care facility this morning, as I just couldn't find any place that would take the family unit of hens and rooster. Luckily, an animal sanctuary will probably take Mr Big. Until then, it should be interesting. He wasn't crowing at all anymore out where he was spending his nights, maybe because his girls were all gone, or maybe he was lying low to avoid all the predators out there. Now that he is safe, who knows what he will do?

rooster rescues
Mr Big on his perch

rooster rescues
Rooster whisperer

My husband is amazing. We got Mr Big turned around and he ran straight into a net with a husband-rigged extended handle of which he is very proud, crowing in fact! Just in time really, since we are having huge rainfall here and the river is rising to the point of inundating all the brush and leaves that I think Mr Big was roosting under. In fact, when I went out this morning to look for him, he was pressed against a tree trunk not far above the rising waters. Thanks again for your great inspiration and support. It is hard to do this kind of thing without that.
– Joyce Pollack

Sam: The Rooster Who Tried to Cross the Road

rooster rescues

On the afternoon of Saturday, January 17th, Nancy and her husband were busy doing errands and driving down a bustling four-lane Cicero Avenue in Chicago when Nancy spotted a chicken on the side of the road. She pulled over and got out of the car. After several unsuccessful attempts to catch him, Nancy was able to direct him away from the road and into the woods, where he ran into a hollowed-out tree trunk. She reached inside and picked him up and brought him back to the car. In the process of catching him two police officers approached and asked Nancy what she was doing. They tried to persuade her to just leave the chicken where he was, saying he would give the coyotes something to eat. But Nancy refused. read Sam: The Rooster Who Tried to Cross the Road here.

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